Learn Online


You can learn a lot of things from the internet. Before we used to read books to learn something, now you have the possibility to learn from images, videos and text. There are a lot of websites to start from. Google is one of the sites to begin with. Whenever you need to know something, just type it in Google...

This is how to boil an egg:

And now you can boil eggs!!

An other page to learn from is YouTube. This page delivers the information with the means of audio and video. There are people who prefer to learn by seeing a video instead of reading. YouTube provides a lot of information like instructional videos about how to build a kennel for your dog, instructional videos about how to play an instrument and so on... 

This is how to search for something in YouTube:

Remember... not all the information you find online can be 100% true... Always double check and even triple check other websites so that you can compare the results.